Dear GOP

Written in response to a GOP fundraising email begging for money to help the guy who said he didn’t need my help, Donald “Tiny Hands” Trump:

Suck my fucking cock. Tell Tiny Hands McGhee to eat the peanuts out of my shit. I am #NeverTrump for a fucking reason. I divorced the GOP. Take me off of your list you fucking losers. I think for myself. 

  • 2010 – You fucked the GOP faithful.
  • 2012 – You fucked the GOP faithful.
  • 2014 – You fucked the GOP faithful. 
  • 2016 – I’m tired of being pissed on and being told it’s rain. This time I’m fucking you. I am not longer supporting the GOP with cash, votes, time or resources.  

You insignifiCUNT bastards are in the tar pits of evolution and are going extinct. Elephants my ass, you cocksuckers are more like mammoths.  

And, I mean this with all due respect, Trump is to the GOP what the Etch A Sketch is to art you fucking retards.

Yours Truly,

Bill “Fuck The GOP” Turner – AKA @GenGSPatton


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