We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident…

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that when a free and just people are enslaved by the government’s national spending, their freedoms are stripped by unconstitutional legislation and a self-admission that Congress has no intention of following the Constitution, then the people have no choice but to remove from service those that have failed them, both in violation of their oath of office and by not representing the express desires of the American people.”

Congress, you have intentionally elected to not serve the American people and to not serve the Constitution.  Thus having made that decision, you are no longer eligible to serve, and are expressly guilty of having committed fraud upon the taxpayer.  As a free and sovereign citizen of these united States of America, I hereby demand that you be dismissed and that elections be held within 90 days to replace you thieves in the night, and that, upon return to your states of origin, you be placed under arrest for the crimes you have committed against the peoples of these united States of America.  Failure to step aside will not stop elections or halt the filling of your positions with new Congress persons; it will only hasten your arrest, this time for criminal trespass upon the property of We the People of these united States of America.

The die is cast.  The decision has been made.  It is time for We the People to set about conducting the work needed to replace all of Congress.  The first Tuesday in March 2016 will mark the day of elections.  Until said time, Congress is dismissed, with extreme prejudice.  Your time is done.  Like the dinosaurs, your ways have failed you.  Do not think of this as revolution.  Think of it as a true politician would; think of this as evolution.  You have failed to evolve in the proper direction and have begun to consume the host, the People of these united States of America.  America is a healthy host and has assembled the needed resources to rid itself of the virus you have become.  Call it “natural selection” or call it “liberty” – just get out of the People’s house immediately so that the People have no need to dirty their hands by removing you themselves.

America, the greatest nation on earth, the last best hope, the guiding light of freedom for those in other countries yearning to be free, shall not be remade into a socialist/Marxist/communist/Islamic regime.  We the People shall not go quietly into the night, surrendering all that our founders created, giving up what our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents fought so proudly for.  You have underestimated the will of the American people.  Like all of the enemies who have come before, the forces of evil who attack from within have again lacked the vision and clarity to see that the will of the American people will bend, but never break.  A full 20% of the population embrace the direction that America is headed, a full 48% of the population fail to embrace the change Barack Hussein Obama has brought to America, and the remainder of the population is flatly opposed, but not as vehemently as the 48%. 

It is apparent not only to the American people but to the rest of the world that Congress has gone too far and overstepped its boundaries.  Congressmen have stated to their angry constituents that they just pass laws and it is up to the Supreme Court to decide if they are constitutional.  They could not be more wrong.  Congressman James Clyburn openly admits that Congress just passes laws and does not care if they are constitutional.  Open admissions from Congress that show the Congressional disdain for the document that founded our great nation, in conjunction with the actions of Congress, lead We the People to no other conclusion.  This Thanksgiving we are giving America an opportunity to restore the republic:

  • Notify your Congress person that he or she is terminated, effective immediately.
  • Notify your county elections officials to set up elections, or they, too, will be replaced.
  • Notify your state’s secretary of state that he or she has elections to prepare for.

We are now ready to begin peacefully, yet with boldness and assuredness, to replace those who would dare defy their oath of office and their commitment to the united States of America.  Congress has had the opportunity to police themselves and repeatedly have failed to do so, allowing long-term corruption in the persona of Feinstein, Rangel, and a host of others.  Congress has failed in its legal, moral, and ethical obligations to hear numerous petitions for redress of grievances filed by the citizens who elected them to govern.  The Constitution, the document that Congress has ignored for decades, demands that citizens have their petitions heard.

A conscious decision has been made on the part of Congress to intentionally declare the Constitution no longer valid.  Given that, it is apparent that the American people, the people who empower the federal government, have the moral, ethical, and legal authority to ensure that the founding document, the document that authorizes our government to exist, is adhered to, and that means it is time to clean house.  We do not need to wait for scheduled elections.  We do not need to wait until our country is ruined beyond repair.  We do not need to wait until the federal government bankrupts the united States of America, forcing it into a situation that requires a loss of sovereignty, to help eliminate the debt.  We do not need to wait because We the People empower the government and without our authority they do not exist – so simple even Pelosi, Reid, Ryan, and McConnell can understand it.  We the People can read the Constitution to Congress, but we cannot understand it for them.  It is time for them to go.

Bill (General Gonzo S. Patton) Turner – Rogue, Rapscallion, Freedom Fighter, and Social Justice Warrior

Twitter:  @GenGSPatton


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