Onward Christian Warriors

Our Heavenly Father, please guide us through these troubled times.  For those of your children that are Christian Warriors, please protect them and give them the strength and wisdom to soldier on, leading when needed and following when not.  For those who have faith, but lack the courage to be a Christian Warrior, please Lord inspire them to find within themselves the ability to stand, to be counted and to be taught the ways of warrior by your children that possess such skill.  Our enemies are your enemies.  Those who hate us are those who hate you.  And, as the children of a loving God, it is often difficult for some to find their warrior way.  They are not weak, just not tempered in the realm of battle.  However, as we enter the days before the war for liberty, freedom and God, we are faced with a legion of enemies, a host of evil and wickedness, some of which has taken the form of the Sheppard, seeking to lead us to safety, while stripping from us the God given rights and liberties that we have been granted, while others seek only to inflict harm upon us, to break us and quiet us, as they have for decades and still others seek to crush us, kill us or convert us to their evil ways.  Cowardice comes in many forms Heavenly Father, and often it is sheltered in the guise of tolerance.  Lord, please help your children understand that tolerance is for people with no values and that the enemies of freedom, liberty and a Christian way of life, are the progressives, liberals and Muslims who seek to do us and America harm.  Lord, please bind us together, forge us into an unstoppable force and give us the will to crush those who hate us, breaking their will and sending them fleeing back to the shadows of hell from whence they came, so that we may return to a free, liberated, openly Christian people, without the threat of violence upon us.  As we soldier on, guide our hands and let us be as the striking hammer of God, the flaming sword of liberty and the armor of freedom against those who would do us harm.  In Jesus name, amen.

General Gonzo S. Patton – Rapscallion. Rogue. Freedom Fighter.



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