Live And Let Die!

Live and let die.  We must stand up to the tyranny of the government.  Barack Hussein Obama and the Marxist Left are ruining America, weakening the country’s economy, destroying the military, and enslaving the people, all while the GOP navel gazes and takes an active role in our destruction.  If one Republican actually adhered to his or her oath of office, he or she would have filed articles of impeachment against B. Hussein Obama at least thirty times…..BUT NO….instead, they play nice with the Left, puff up in the media and lie to us, the people who put them in office.  We deserve better, America deserves better, and we will fix this fiasco by voting every one of these lying, oath-breaking pieces of human excrement out of office.  In lieu of that, we remove the whole lot of them, now, no election, no waiting, just using our right to assemble and speak freely, which is to say, we stand on the steps of the Capitol and tell these two-legged carp to get out of the peoples’ house and hit the road.

America deserves better.  America is the greatest nation on earth and can be restored to her rightful position as that shining beacon on the hill, that guiding light of liberty for the world…All it takes is for the pussification of America to be cast aside and for We the People to stand up and be free.  Think about it – Obama has not had a budget in four years because the one-time stimulus funds are built into the budget, along with the corruption that goes with it.  Obama was running arms in Benghazi and it got four good Americans killed.  Obamacare, the largest liberty grab in American history and the biggest tax hike, is the symbol of communism he so longed for and now has.

Now B. Hussein Obama wants to take away your guns so that you cannot stand up to him.  He says they won’t “confiscate” the guns that are in the hands of Americans, but he wants private transfers of those guns he has labeled as “assault weapons” to not be allowed, to not be passed on to your heirs.  This gun grab is theft, elimination of private property, and a way to ensure that the people in this country will not be free again.  How far are you willing to go to be free, to leave a legacy of liberty, not cowardice?

@GenGSPatton – Nefarious Rogue, Rapscallion & Enemy of the State


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