We Are The Unforgiven

The sun no longer shines, not like in days gone by. The moon hangs low over a listless ocean where the tides are always out. We are in a land of the unforgiving. An icy wind chills to the depths of the soul. We have time enough to spend, for eternity is ours if we fail in our task. We will be driven like dogs, lifeless shadows in the dark, as our foes hunt us, seeking to find their mark. The roads to freedom will be forever closed, awash in the blood of the few brave souls who would not submit to the nation state. There will be no love. There will be no joy. The world shall turn grey. Freedom does not have to end this way.

Give me the sounds of rolling dice, big V-twins, screams in the dark of night. Liberty is what we make it to be. It is ‘we the people’ or so I heard. While I am alive, while I am here, I will be a force to fear. Those that seek to destroy freedom will come to despise all that I am. No salt? Are you kidding me? Rim my margarita with some tasty sodium, while I await my medium rare, well marbled steak. I’m going to drive my crew cab V-8 truck as fast as I can while dieting on Jack Daniels and chocolate. I don’t smoke, but I just might start. Why? Because I am free, at least for now. Spark one up during dinner, under the no smoking sign, put my feet on the table and ask the folks next to me to pass the wine.

There is no doubt that my behavior will shock the masses, as for years they have brainwashed our kids in government school classes. Teach the children well, while we drive America straight to hell. The fight has been framed in terms of left and right and is just not so. Our battle is one of personal liberty or a nanny state. Do I have the right to drink, fight, eat poorly and drive fast or does the government have the right to tell me not to drink, what to eat, to act with dignity and class while driving my hybrid not so fast? Responsibility is the issue. Am I responsible for me or is the government responsible and I do not get to be free?

I prefer to be left alone, not ruled by some king on his lofty throne. My argument is simple and clear, “Freedom is my sacred right”. The king feels I don’t have a right. Wanting to be free makes me a madman, a traitor, someone to be locked out of sight so the king can proclaim, “He never existed. You’re just wasting your time”. The king isn’t about to let you in on his dime. Freedom is a threat to those who want to rule, so they call you names and say you are a fool. They know what is best, you see, and will not let you be free. Do as you are told, they will say, locking up someone each and every day. Fear is how they will rise to power and once there, they will not come down from the lofty tower.

The decision we face today is one of great simplicity, can you take care of yourself? And, if you have children, can you care for them too? If the answer to these questions is “no” then you should look deep within yourself and find the things that are keeping you from managing and functioning on your own. Why is it you need others to tell you how to live? If the answer is “yes” and you can care for yourself, for your children, say it loud, “I’m and adult and I’m proud”. We have become slaves, beholden to the plantation elites:

* We work half the year to pay taxes.

* We are told what to eat (no salt, no trans fats).

* We are told how to live (No smoking, including your yard & home).

* We are given government entitlements (unemployment, welfare, food stamps, healthcare, and so much more) to keep us docile and beholden to the slave masters, our government.

* We are taught, in government school, to be beta personalities, and our competitive drive is taken from us. Why? So we do not strive for more.

* We are being bred out of existence through Planned Parenthood and eugenics. Our masters tell us “choice” is what it is about, but choice is only applicable to those dependent upon entitlements. Planned Parenthood is not about choice, it is about removing from society those who exist within the lower socio-economic climate. Color is irrelevant. Status and finances are all that matter.

Left. Right. Democrats. Republicans. Independents. Libertarians. All of us must come together to save our freedom. When Barack Obama and the others speak of “social justice” and “collective salvation” they speak of it for those within the elite class. Mr. President & his wife have had sixteen vacations, too many parties to count and expect us, you and I, to believe that they want what is best for us. Wrong. They want us to fall under the spell of the elite. Wealth will be redistributed, from the working class to the elite.

The Democrats have never been for the worker or minorities. The Democratic Party is a mere tool to oppress those who will not open their minds to what is happening around them.

The Republican Party is no better. They give you the illusion of belonging, of having an opportunity to join the club, but how many of you really belong? How many of you are just “hangers on” but not really in the inner circle?

Both parties are scared. The Democrats are scared because they see people shrinking away from them, having gotten a glimpse behind the curtain and not liking the robots running the machines. The Republicans are frightened because the Tea Party movement is producing candidates that are not financially beholden to special interests and cannot be controlled. Both parties are afraid of candidates who believe in this magical document, the Constitution, and who believe it is the tool by which America should be governed. Not only is it a blow to their massive egos, they cannot fathom people with ethics, who want to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

At the end of the day, we are all Americans.

November 1, 2016 is a new independence day. To be free, to throw of the chains that bind and gag, do not vote a party line, vote for freedom. Cast your ballot for the candidate that wants small government and personal choice, no matter what party they are from. Character counts. Our politicians need to understand this and I believe we must remind them. On October 12th, 2015 I would like to see all free people in America fill the streets at 8:00am and stay there until noon, no matter where you live, no matter what time zone you are in. Take four hours out of your life to block traffic, lock arms and stand for freedom. Whether you sing “God Bless America” or “This Land Is Your Land” it does not matter. What does matter is that we frame this election in the terms it should be framed in: Free Americans v. Establishment Elite.

As the sun rises November 2, 2016 it will be the dawn of a new America. Smoke will hang in the air like the specter of death over the battlefield, and the sun will shine. But, will it burn bright with the fires of liberty as we play in the fields of freedom, or will it illuminate a victory for those who seek to consume the masses, drawing us into the nation state?

Come with me if you want to be free!

@GenGSPatton – Rogue, Rapscallion, Nefarious Soldier of Liberty


One thought on “We Are The Unforgiven

  1. We the People are being herded down the road to ruin by present leadership. Obstructionist representatives on both sides of the aisle continue to act at the behest of special interest lobbyist. Making an issue of Planned Parenthood is nothing more than a distraction to keep the people from focusing on the more important issues of miss-handling of foreign policy and the impending influx of refugees from the middle east. America, founded on Christian principals, is being undermined and betrayed by the so called “Politically Correct”. While demanding separation of church and state, suppressing all religions except Islam. Growing Muslim communities are developing political clout and recruiting our youth to fight a battle in another land. Contrary to the fundamental elements of a free democracy. Freedom and equality. At what point do people exit denial and acknowledge the facts?


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