Liberty Call For Patriotic AmeriCANS

General Gonzo S. Patton hosted a Liberty Call For Patriotic AmeriCANS. 

Call In Number Is:   302-202-1115

Access Code Is:    34327983

Topics Will Include:

  • Rally around a CONSERVATIVE candidate in the primaries and push them to victory, cutting out the GOP RINO candidate like was done during the Reagan Revolution.
  • How do you support your Conservative candidate?
  • What can be done at the local level to run out the RINO’s.
  • What can be done at the state level to run out the RINO’s.
  • Politics as a contact sport. Sometimes it gets bloody.
  • Establishing a Community Communication & Support System for when the web goes dark, the phones don’t work & the TV is nothing but Obama’s giant talking head telling you to stay indoors and wait for the troops to come collect your guns.

Future calls will be about Go Bags, Political Black Ops and how one person can be a group.

Don’t distress if you can’t make the call, it will be recorded for you to listen to at a later date.  

It is a blind call, your numbers won’t displayed, captured or recorded.  However, I’d still hit *67 before dialing, to block your number, as an added layer of security, just because.  But, lets face it, the NSA knows everything, including the keys strokes I made typing this and how long you took reading it.

General Gonzo S. Patton – Gun Toting Pastor & Roadie For The Lords Of Karma


Kennedy Revolution


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