Daily World Comment That Won’t Be Approved

Don’t be a Dick, Meyer.  You have once again demonstrated the bias of the liberal, Marxist, communist mainstream, broke back media in one brief article.  I am impressed. You should receive a Pulitzer for sucking up to Chairman Maobama and the Iranians in one simple article. 

Usually the communist school of journalism is Pro Obama or Anti – USA but seldom are both combined in one article in such a way that the author is fully exposed as a sycophant for the first biracial president and a cheerleader for the Iranians who seek the return of the Mahdi [look it up] by destroying the great Satan [USA] and the Little Satan [Israel] in order to hasten the return of the Mahdi [Satan] and begin the battle to end all battles.  

Dick and I mean that with all due respect just admit you are a student of Alinsky and Marx.  Don’t hide it.  Hell, I love the USA and the law of the land, the Constitution.  It is what you leftists call “Settled Law” and although you are obviously a hack I still defend your right to be one, to be wrong and to be one of the first in the gulag when they round up sycophants and hacks.  I just happen to be right and I can’t change your mind and ask you to be right too.

General Gonzo S. Patton


RE: This > BOOM


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