This generation is the one that will probably face Armageddon.  The Reds, Democrats and Marxists all thought it would be President Reagan who would lead us into the “Land of Confusion” but they were wrong.  The libs in America believed Drago and the Evil Empire would crush capitalism and the country they hated, the United States of America.  They were wrong, as the Berlin Wall tumbled down, bringing with it the hopes of the Soviet Union and the Reds in America.   President Reagan had brought peace through strength, something every school yard bully understands when punched in the nose by the one he is picking on.  Barack Hussein Obama has undone all of that.

The weakness that Obama has thrust upon the American Military combined with the newfound global image of America as being weak, timid, passive – complete cowards – if you will, is based upon President Obama’s personality and actions.  He is a bully when he can push around someone weak, strike someone with a drone, and lock up a lone person, but he is a coward when pushed by China, Russia, Putin, Michelle and the communist base of his party.  All of the liberal, Marxist, pacifist, Code Pink style trash in America will not be able to stop the pending nuclear holocaust by dancing around the peace tree, much less survive it and thrive afterwards.  It will be the independent, freedom loving, Constitution following, Libertarian, Anonymous, Second Amendment following, scary motherfuckers who will prevent Armageddon by scaring the shit out of those who will survive a nuclear attack by hiding under the Denver Airport.  Those elitist rat bastards must know that there will be a swarthy band of men and women, of patriots, freedom loving people, angry and seeking retribution for the hell they have been put through and that retribution will be painful, slow and tortuous.  Death will be welcomed by the fat, wealthy, liberal elites who sought refuge from the nuclear fire, the wave of cancers, bleeding from every orifice and painful deaths they gave Americans, but death will not come quickly or mercifully.  It is this fear, this realization that the Bubbas and survivors in this world will be waiting for them, that will keep them from having Russia nuke flyover country while the US government nukes Russia’s undesirables.  Piss on them.  We will come for you.  We will survive.  You, however, shall not.

The average American is much better equipped mentally and physically than the average elitist.  An underground cavern of elitist pricks, used to being in charge, having little people to order around, to boss around and direct to do things that they would never do themselves, like cook, clean and prepare food, I strongly suspect shall be Lord of the Flies meets Housewives of Beverly Hills.  When the radiation settles and these pasty white worms crawl out of the dungeon of their own creation we will be waiting…unless we get impatient, flood the ventilation system and drive them out like moles and play “Whack A Mole – Thunder Dome Edition”.  These filthy, no good, rich swine shall be driven through the wasteland, rounded up and the attractive ones turned out and put on the Ho Train until their vaginas and anuses fall out or need re-bushed (by sticking a ten pound ham in and pulling the bone out).  The less attractive shall be put to work or sold, as slavery will be back in a big way.  Screw that “living wage” crap, there will be no minimum wage, they shall be driven like packs of niggers under the whip, and the difference between being beaten and fed will be how hard they work.  These uppity white niggers shall work their soft hands until the blood seeps through the cracks, flesh splitting and skin hardening upon those who survive the work and the beatings.   The weaker ones, they shall not be so lucky.

The weak shall not inherit the earth, they shall be banished to ground zero of the blast, forced to exist among the radioactive pools of water, diseased animals, decaying flesh and disease that they caused.  There shall be no quarter.  They neither offered any nor gave any and they shall receive none.  God shall judge us all in the end, for good or ill – possibly we shall share a chamber in hades for all eternity, possibly we will see heaven or maybe they will, or maybe there is no heaven and hell, just a wasteland of nothing where our bodies rot and our minds go on forever, completely free, for the first time ever.  But, we are not talking about freedom now, no, we are talking about vengeance and vengeance is not freedom, it is just the opposite.  True vengeance requires devotion, the kind of commitment seldom made, for it is not a part time gig on the planet earth but a pact with one’s soul that must be fulfilled.  When you plop your ass down at Denny’s for the breakfast special of ham and eggs, the chicken made a contribution to your meal, the pig made a commitment.  Vengeance requires the commitment of a pig.  We shall use our devotion to rule the wasteland.

Those of you on the right and left coast, who bought the ticket, be prepared to take the ride.  We shall not forget about you.  When the time comes, you shall reap it, as we spread our blackened wings and swarm your cities.  Remember, vengeance always comes, for it is always there, waiting, lurking, longing to come out, like an obscenity in a crowded theater with someone using a cell phone next to you or a pimple on the end of your nose.  Alas, that is a tale for another day, but you get the picture.  You arrogant, Marxist pricks should stand down before you end up on the Endangered Feces List, you pieces of shit.  Life is dangerous enough without inviting trouble and you libtard weenies can’t handle trouble.

General Gonzo S. Patton – Commander, Western Division, United States






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