Fight For YOUR Civil Rights!

If Americans wish to remain free to enjoy the splendor of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, wish to leave a legacy of liberty and freedom, then it is up to each one of us to become the civil rights leaders of our time.  The American government from Mayor Bloomberg or Mayor Dead Fish to President Bush and President Obama seeks to crush freedom.  The Constitution is under assault every day.  It is up to us to take a stand.  We must stand for free speech, free press, gun rights, the right to be secure in our persons and papers, and so much more.  Martin Luther King, Jr., and hundreds of thousands of others stood, faced beatings, and paved the way for the civil rights movement.  May God bless them all, for they have shown us the way.

We must take our government to task every time it infringes upon our liberty.  The only thing our government truly understands is money.  Yes, we should wear what we want, even if it leads to our arrest, filing a civil rights lawsuit in order to maintain our right to be offensive, to speak and display any message we desire.  If we reach deep into the pockets of the offending government agency, yes, we are reaching into the taxpayers’ pockets, our pockets, but it is the only way to get the government to stand down.  Wear what you will, not worrying if it is offensive to others.  As Lenny Bruce said when fighting the government for free speech protection, “Without the word fuck, you can’t say “Fuck the government””.  Have courage in the face of tyranny.

In a society where a teacher can be suspended from work on a “weapons charge” for displaying tools during a lesson about tools, it is up to each one of us to fight against the tyranny of the absurd.  We must resist the madness that has been thrust upon us, and, like the civil rights advocates before us, we must be willing to take our lumps and use the system upon itself.  When madness and political correctness descend upon you, resist, standing tall for what is right.  Walk softly and carry a big attorney.  Anyone who pays taxes knows that when it comes to the government, it is money that matters, and nothing else does.  Resist.  Take them to the cleaners.

Do you fly your American flag?  Display your Gadsden flag?  Or, do you not fly your colors out of fear of offending someone?  Have no fear.  Fly your flags, display your signs.  Your right to free speech shall not be infringed, and, if it is, sue them into submission.  You are a civil rights warrior.  You have the power to truth and right on your side; act like it.  Anyone who happens upon you should have no doubt that you are a warrior for liberty, for civil rights, and for yourself.  Should they fail to respect you and your right to be free, take the fight to them in such a way that no one will ever want to infringe upon your liberty again.

Open carry.  Always.  If you live in a state where open carry is legal, then you should open carry.  Know your rights and exercise them.  With the Bill of Rights under attack by politicians, government officials, and even other Americans, it is imperative that those seeking to retain their rights must exercise them boldly, legally, and without fear.  You will be challenged by other citizens, by police (who do not know the law and will do things beyond comprehension), and you will find support from others, often when you least expect it.  Many in law enforcement understand the plight of the legal gun owner and will merely seek to gauge if the citizen with the gun is a threat and, once they determine you are not, go about their business.

Be bold.  Do not shirk your responsibility as an American.  The rights we have are natural rights.  Our unnatural government and progressive fellow citizens seek to limit or take your natural rights.  Naturally, it is up to each of us to ensure that all of our rights are retained.  To ensure we do not become slaves to a police state we must stand up and defend the rights we like and those we do not.  If the government takes one, they will take the other.  It is like free speech.  Remember the words of Dirty Lenny (Lenny Bruce) – whether you choose to use them or not, defend the rights of others to use them, for in using them, they are defending your rights, too.  Liberty is messy.  Freedom is a contact sport.  Feelings get hurt.  People get angry.  The government turns against you.  Stand and others will stand with you.  Cower and we all shall become slaves to the police state.

General Gonzo S. Patton – Freedom Fighter, Rebel, Dissident, Outspoken Troublemaker

Twitter:  @GenGSPatton


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