It Is Time To Embrace Your Inner American

I cannot possibly remember how many times some moron has said to me, “Bill, chill out, embrace your inner child”, and I have always replied, in some variation, ‘My inner child is a prick, too’.  We have become a nation of civilized, polite, politically correct Americans (with the exception of the Left, who have just become more vile, repulsive, and evil over time) and it is ruining our great nation.  Thankfully, our founders and the people who made this country great had the vision, courage, and willingness to say and do what needed to be done to allow us to be free.  It is time to embrace our inner American.

Americans are a paradox.  We are many people and peoples, a diverse blend of humanity, all sharing some common traits (except the Left, who do not share unless it is your money they are sharing with themselves):

Americans love life so much that they want the best it has to offer.

Americans are not happy with the status quo.

Americans take the initiative, striving to move forward (except for the Left).

Americans use their wits to advance their cause and achieve success.

Americans believe in their God-given rights, unlike the Godless Left, who allege they are “spiritual”, whatever that is.

Americans seek personal liberty and, with it, personal responsibility (the Left will surrender freedom and responsibility for government handouts and a nanny state).

Americans understand freedom means not allowing the government to control your life and the lives of others.

In America, anyone can be a success if they work hard and have determination.  Of course, the Left does not want to work hard and is solely determined to take from those of us who do.  They are no more American than my new shoes with the label “made in Bangladesh”.

It is time for us to unleash our inner Americans.

We the People must stand strong, be independent, and not allow the nation state to take away our individual rights, freedoms, and individuality.  In order to do that we must be willing to take chances, to use our wits and our freedom.  We allow the Left to use Alinsky, Cloward and Piven, and the filth they spew to keep us from being free.  It is time for us to speak out.  It is not rude, impolite, or hateful to speak the truth about America.  If we fail to speak up, act out, demonstrate, and use the tools available to us, such as free speech, free assembly, and our individual liberties, we have no one to blame but our polite, civil selves.

Americans, speak your minds.  Defend your beliefs.  Stand up for your country.  If you allow the Left to run over your rights and steal your freedom and that of generations to come, you are no better than those who steal freedom from you.

When someone speaks of collectivism, speak of personal responsibility.

When someone speaks of the government “fixing” something, stress free markets and liberty.

Should government regulation come up, ask why?

Do not be intimidated into being silent about God, abortion, or any of your beliefs.

When you see or hear the term “social justice” demand to know what gives anyone the right to take from you to give to someone else.

Stand for the Constitution; it is not a “living document”. The values of ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ are not transient. Your God-given rights include free speech and the right to defend yourself.  These God-given rights are so blatantly obvious that our founders ensured their protection from tyrants through the First and Second Amendments.

Play Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” full blast, singing along, while driving around hanging Tea Party flyers and “Arrest Obama” stickers, and spreading the American message.  Civil disobedience?  Sure, why not?  We do not have to be like the Left, smashing windows, setting car fires, and being violent, but the streets belong to us and we must take them back.  Get your flags, your signs, and your freedom out of the garage and take it to the streets.  Say it loud:  I am American and I am proud! You have nothing to be ashamed of, be embarrassed of, or worry about. You do not need permits; the Constitution is your permit.

The Left will challenge you on tolerance. Tolerance is for people who do not have values.

The Left will call you racist.  Securing the borders and wanting people to come through the front door, not sneaking through the back door, is not racist; it is American.  Our ancestors came from other countries through the front door.

You will be challenged on why you want to enslave the poor.  Demand to know by what right they can take what is yours.

Health care for everyone is a right, they will say.  Ask them where that right comes from?  It isn’t in the Constitution alongside our God-given rights. Government does not grant rights; it extends privileges in exchange for a little liberty.

Green energy and green jobs?  Are you kidding?  The Department of Energy was founded by Jimmy Carter to end America’s dependence upon foreign oil.  Since its inception, dependence upon foreign oil has gone from twenty-five percent to over seventy-five percent.  End energy dependence upon other nations.

If green energy is a must, then the free markets will deliver.  But they are not needed and are not profitable.  Make a stand.

They will tell you that the government can spend its way out of economic woes.  It takes five private sector jobs to pay for one government job.  Do not let the Left make this argument; they are wrong.

We know what makes an American.  We know what it takes to be an American.  The real question is one that was asked in the movie Boondock Saints:  “The question is not how far.  The question is, do you possess the constitution, the depth of faith, to go as far as is needed?”  This is a question that must be asked each and every day, and answered. If you do not possess what it takes to be American, we have already lost the battle for our freedom.

Bill Turner AKA General Gonzo S. Patton – Freedom Outlaw, Visionary, Revolutionary, Scoundrel & Rogue

Twitter:  @GenGSPatton


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