Politics Are Not Civilized, They Are Blood Sport


Politics in America have become a contact sport.  Civil debate is no longer possible, be it in Congress, at a town hall meeting, at a dinner party, or at any other location.  This breakdown in conversational etiquette is the doing of the Liberals in America.

As Liberal policies fail, there becomes less and less to debate, leaving the Democrats with nothing to do but hurl insults, make offensive public statements, and try to silence their common sense opponents with bad behavior and studies pulled out of thin air.  How many times have you heard a Leftist reference a  study but, when asked who did the study and where was it published, witness the person fall back to calling the party he or she is “debating” a racist, fascist, or some other derogatory term?  When you have no morals and the facts do not support your side, what is a Liberal to do?

Liberals protest slight decreases in tax rates as if they were trying to stop Charles Manson from injecting heroin into the soft spot of a baby’s head.  Nothing gets done in America because one side is busy making adult, rational arguments and the other side is busy hurling insults and eggs.  Liberals use less logic than their Islamic brethren.  It may, in fact, be easier to get a Muslim to use indoor plumbing than convince a Liberal to debate without insults.  Liberalism has become a religion based not upon fact but upon an irrational set of beliefs.

Liberalism is based upon the hatred of Christians, dislike of guns (except in the hands of their bodyguards), disdain for profit, dislike of any speech that is counter to theirs (calling it hate speech), a strong support for murder as long as it is called abortion, halting carbon production provided they do not have to shut up, and support of institutional racism provided it is called “affirmative action”.  The conundrum of Liberalism lies buried deep inside the irrational beliefs that Liberals hold.  They do not believe in God because they can’t prove his existence, but they love global warming even when facts prove it is not man caused.  They do not like free and fair debate involving facts but are content to name call and race bait.  Michael Savage is right; Liberalism is a mental disorder.  Liberals denounce fundamentalism.  When George W. Bush gave them a war against fundamentalists, they were against it, hoping to instead appease the people who want to behead them.

Tax cheat and race-baiting Representative Charlie Rangel (D-NY) has said regarding tax cuts, “It’s not ‘spic’ or ‘nigger’ anymore.  They say, ‘Let’s cut taxes’”.  Thus, showing that the liberals in America want ‘Free speech for me, but not for thee’.  After the attacks of September 11, 2001, the All Barack Channel (ABC) ran a special called, “Abortion Clinics In America Targeted By Religious Terrorists”, forgetting that no Muslims had actually attacked an abortion clinic, or, as some like to call them, “Eugenic-Based Slaughter Houses”.  Liberals hate America, capitalism, God, and anyone who flies a flag.  As Ann Coulter said, “Even Islamic terrorists don’t hate America like Liberals do”.

The debt ceiling debate has shown that the Liberals’ new plan is the same as the old plan – whine, pout, call names, scream obscenities and, when all else fails, play the race card.  Despite the fact that Liberal social handouts have caused poverty rates to soar in minority groups and the largest killer of black children in large cities is abortion, Liberals still believe they are helping people by keeping them down.  Placism has replaced racism as people like Al “Not So” Sharpton and Jessie Jackson strive to play the race card for their own prosperity, keeping their supporters in the chains of government handouts while people like the Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson are called the “N” word or worse despite not taking a dime in government money and helping inner city blacks stand on their own two feet, not being dependent upon the government chains of “free” money.  Logic has no place in the lives of Liberals.

When Liberals lack firm ground or vague “facts” to stand upon during a political debate they often fall back to the name calling they have always done, which has been on display during the debt ceiling debate, referring to the Republicans as ‘hostage takers’ or “terrorists” seeking to cut spending by killing old people and starving seniors.  The more Liberals lack substantial facts, the more they go on the attack.  Sadly, Conservatives rarely fight back, due to the onslaught of name calling, race baiting, and lies told by the Left.  This must change.

Conservatives and Libertarians must speak up and speak out.  It is up to you to weather the storm, stand up to the barrage and actively engage the Left in their lies and insults.  It is of particular importance to do this when in public where others are watching and listening.  Have the courage of your convictions, speak with authority, and question with confidence.  When a Liberal references a “study” ask them which one, where it was published, and when it was done, and do not let them weasel out of it.  If he or she cannot provide specifics, tell him or her it is not possible to quote a study that does not exist.  Remind them that they are entitled to believe anything, but they are not allowed to make things up.  When, not “if”, the Democrats attack you verbally with insults and/or race baiting, stand your ground and ask them how they dare say something so vile without having anything to substantiate it.  Follow it up by reminding them that “free speech” must be accurate speech and ask them who your attorney should contact for the defamation suit.  If you are near a Conservative who is being attacked by a Leftist or a pack of them, stand with your brother or sister and provide strong, silent support.  If the Lib gets physical, you can both be a witness and provide assistance in saving the Liberal’s life after the appropriate amount of punishment has been delivered.  Stand strong and never back down.

Remember, you are the first line of defense in the war upon our liberty.  Do not be Patrick Henry, who said, “Give me liberty or give me death” from the safety of the governor’s mansion and never set foot on the field of battle.  It is easy to demand liberty when you are protected by a mansion or a firewall on the internet, but far more difficult when face to face.  If you are to be free, you must have the gravitas to take freedom from the jaws of Liberals.

General Gonzo S. Patton – Freedom Fighter



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