Obama Crushes Dissenters With Extreme Prejudice

It is said that our government would never attack its own citizens.  Of course, the people saying this have selective memories and forget the Civil Rights Movement, the 1968 Chicago Democrat Convention, the killing of unarmed war protestors at Kent State, and the numerous deaths of recent people in police custody in the American police state.  Maybe these people are just stupid, or cowards.  Either way, the reality of the situation is that there are more and more people who are speaking out, telling their stories, talking about having had their lives and careers ruined by plants, media, and social networking trolls.  But the further down the rabbit hole we get in the Obama presidency the less these stories look like random “rightwing nut jobs” ranting about an unseen force and more like the invisible hand of the government, seeking to destroy those who dare use their God-given right to free speech.  What follows is the story of one such person:

I have told this story to anyone who would listen, from the time Barack Hussein Obama was sworn into office until the writing of this article, and I will continue to tell my story.  Each time I tell it I learn from someone else that he or she, too, has felt the pimp hand of tyranny slap them.  My story is like many in America, no real party loyalty but an allegiance to the Constitution that more often than not led to my voting Republican as they were closer to the Constitution than other candidates.  I was active in “boots on the ground” politics, Conservative community organizing, leading protests, shutting down highways, blocking traffic during rush hour, civil disobedience, canvassing for politicians, public speaking, attending political events, and speaking out against Obamacare, amnesty, gun control and other issues, all the while demanding liberty and asserting my Constitutional rights.  I was assistant national director for two national patriot groups, hosted blog talk radio shows, and interviewed national Conservative candidates and icons.  I was in a position that I was able to write for The Examiner, The Cypress Times, and other national online papers as well as numerous local newspapers, with a large audience of avid liberty lovers and plenty of Marxist haters.  As a result of this I was sent a lot of leads on stories, some of which turned out to be legit and some not so much.

Between helping a group of people get organized in order to canvas precincts and help get Idaho State Senator Raul Labrador elected to Congress, making him Representative Raul Labrador, and fighting against the advancement of Obamacare, I was given a tip on a story regarding Barack Obama’s trip to Pakistan in his college years.  The military intelligence specialist who shared the story with me provided details of the unit that was stationed in Afghanistan and Pakistan when he was, who would know about this incident and details of the story.  After tracking down members of the unit and getting some of them to speak with me on and off the record, then confirming with other sources the information I had, I ran with the story.  The very next day the FBI showed up at my door.  Refusing to reveal my sources, to talk to the feds without a warrant or an attorney, or to retract my story led to an attack upon me that was personal, widespread and wicked.  I now know that it was not coincidence.

The National Security Administration (NSA), the Obama White House and social engineer Cass Sunstein (a.k.a. Obama’s bitch and husband of day walking ginger Samantha Powers) have put in place programs that will allow their paid operatives to destroy the lives and reputations of those who dare speak out against Dear Leader and the utopian society he and his elitist minions are seeking to create at the expense of the rest of America.  Within twenty-four hours of being dismissed from my front porch for not having a warrant, the Obama minions managed to have the Examiner and all other media outlets stop carrying my articles, have the rats at Kos begin an online smear campaign against me, and newspapers all over the country began carrying articles smearing my reputation and misrepresenting things I have said or written in such a way that they were not remotely near the truth, nor were they accurate.  How did this happen so fast?  Because Obama, Sunstein, the NSA and its minion spinoffs orchestrate massive retaliatory responses to anyone who dissents and dares speak the truth about Chairman Maobama.  What truth did I dare speak?  It had to do with Obama meeting Osama Bin Laden in person and being anointed the one, the Barackah, the Barack, who would bring down the Great Satan, the United States and Western Civilization.  Sadly, the truth of the story, the operators telling it, the verification of their story, all checked out, and then they turned my world upside down.

The level to which our government will sink to destroy dissenters is unfathomable to most people.  One must be prepared to go the distance, to cross normally taboo lines, and to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.  It is time for We the People to fill the streets in rage and bring an end to this tyrannical regime.  Freedom has no agenda and sometimes liberty is a contact sport.  A great man once said the tree of liberty needs to be watered now and then. It is watering time.

The Gardener – Staying Evergreen


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