Blood On The Hands

There are certain rules of engagement for a President and his operatives in and out of the White House.  The people who live and work in the gray areas, the spooks and their kind, understand that it is okay to run guns out of the White House and it is okay to sell drugs out of the White House to finance all sorts of operations that cannot become a budget item on some report.  Reagan, Bush, Ollie and the boys made it a fine art, until the plane crashed and one of the spooks was dumb enough to limp away from the accident, refusing to take the pill that they all carried when in the field.  The weakest link in any conspiracy is the person who will not go the distance, take one for the team, and protect the leader.  Anything goes when you are king of the world, President of the United States, the most powerful man in the free world – anything but killing of innocent Americans, particularly ones in law enforcement, because of gross stupidity and neglect.  When the specters of dead men haunt the American landscape and the President cannot scrub their blood from the crevices of his hands, it is time for weird scenes inside the gold mine.

Eric Holder may take the fall, swallow the bitter pill, and be led off to prison to pay for the deaths of Americans that Operation Gunrunner caused.  Holder is a stupid little man and prison will not be kind to him.  Stedman is the kind of person who ends up with breasts tattooed on his back, legs shaved, using Skittles and water to make eye shadow and rouge, for his strolls through the cell block.  This operation did not start or end with Holder.  The Attorney General is not among the best and brightest; this scheme came from Obama and the overlords who direct him.  This is part of the master plan to disarm Americans and make them docile for takeover.

Reverend Wright, Obama’s spiritual mentor, spent twenty years taking up the Soviet doctrine and spreading the lie that the American government created HIV, infecting the Haitians and allowing it to spread in the black communities.  Obama sat through these sermons and alleges he did not inhale any of the racist, communist doctrine.  Obama is a liar.  Barack has covered much of his past, including a visit to Afghanistan and Pakistan, hiding which passport he used and how long he was there.  B. Hussein Obama was following his Marxist roots and his zest for opiates, mostly his zest for opiates, which explains why he is such a slacker.  A serious opium habit does not lend itself to accomplishing much, as the dragon’s breath is appealing.  Obama knows this and so does Michelle.

Ask not for whom the dragon calls, for he calls for you, Barack.  The scent of blood upon your hands is too attractive for the dragon to miss you.  In the end, your many sins will be atoned for and the dragon will not be able to soothe the wounds that the hounds of hell will leave upon your flesh.  The raven shall cry, “Nevermore” as the vultures pick out your eyes and consume your entrails, again and again, for all of eternity.  As bad as your fate is, it is nothing compared to that of Eric Holder.  A special place in hell is reserved for the terminally stupid.  Eric Holder shall be sodomized by an army of demons, repeatedly, for all of eternity, each wearing a condom of razor wire and saline.  When you rule the land of the ignorant, the only real crime is stupidity and causing the death of your fellow citizens, mostly causing the death of your fellow citizens.

Representative Issa and all of Congress are part of this, too.  B. Hussein Obama has committed numerous acts that are impeachable offenses.  Representative Issa has said that impeachment is off the table, giving Dear Leader carte blanche to do as he pleases.  Why?  Because both parties promise less taxes and less spending, and then keep the policies of the previous regime and grow them.  They protect each other in this sick, incestuous relationship in which freedom and liberty are repeatedly sodomized by our elected officials.  There is blood on the hands of all who knew about this inept operation, those who controlled it, acknowledged it and condoned it, as well as those who do nothing about it.

As Americans we owe it to the fallen, those who have been killed by Obama’s ego and Holder’s stupidity, to ensure that justice is done.  It is imperative that we the people make a stand and not allow these opium eaters to disarm us and enslave us.  Yes, God will have his vengeance and hell awaits these evil souls, but it is up to the American people to ensure that justice is done on earth.  Demand that your representative file Articles of Impeachment against Obama, that a special prosecutor see that all involved are led off to prison and that the Senate gives Obama a fair and impartial trial and finding of guilt.  Anything less is failure and shame upon thee, for the raven shall find you as well.

It is the idea that matters
It is the idea that matters


General Gonzo S. Patton – Warrior & Purveyor of Justice

Twitter:  @GenGSPatton


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